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We do...
  • All general contracting in Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • All residential projects such as villas apartments buildings
  • All commercial projects such as shopping-malls, stations, stores...
  • All finishing projects starts from electro-mechanical work to plastering , gypsum ceiling, painting and interior decoration..
  • All renovations projects for palaces and villas..

Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Government Projects

Building concrete buildings using the best types of steel and concrete, including drilling, plumbing, electricity and the use of the best types of waterproofing

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  • All buildings construction, foundation, concrete works, blocks scope of work and all civil construction jobs...

  • Construction of private Villas with basements floors, ground floor and all stores...

  • Highest quality of concrete works for columns, beams and walls 

  • The work includes are Cast-In Place Concrete and shall comply with the drawings, standard specification requirements, and manufacturer standards;

  • Supply and installation of Sub-Structure Concrete having a compressive strength of concrete at 28 days using standard cylinder test using Type v Cement includes steel rebars, waterstop, formworks, curing & testing.

  • Building septic tanks, underground water tanks

أعمال السباكة

All plumbing works under the supervision of our engineers with highest experience and using the best types of pipes, vlaves and all materials of high quality

الأعمال الكهربائية

The installation and extension of all electrical connections under the supervision of professional technicians and using the best types of wires and cutters and all materials of high quality

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مقاول بناء تشطيب جبس ألمنيوم - Contractor construction finishing Gypsum Aluminum 

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