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General Contractor

Electro-mechanical Contractor
MEP - Low Current
HVAC and Fire fighting work
industrial engineers and technicians  
أعمال السباكة

All plumbing works under the supervision of our engineers with highest experience and using the best types of pipes, vlaves and all materials of high quality

الأعمال الكهربائية

The installation and extension of all electrical connections under the supervision of professional technicians and using the best types of wires and cutters and all materials of high quality

Building concrete structures using best types of steel and concrete, including drilling, plumbing, electricity and the use of  best types of waterproofing

  • Mechanical contractors. Capabilities include fabrication, installation, routing, designing, implementation, support, testing, painting, labeling, insulation, development, layout, construction management, consulting, coating, cutting, drilling, forming, restoration, grouting, turnkey building & engineering.

  • Highest quality of concrete works for columns, beams and walls 

  • Machinery installation, mechanical and piping contractors. Capabilities include rigging, welding, plant relocation, pipe insulation, painting, ducting, concrete forming and pouring. Turnkey systems integration services available. Aerospace, building, chemical, composite manufactures, waste treatment, food processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper industries served. Meets OSHA standards.

  • Building septic tanks, underground water tanks

  • execution of housing complexes, shopping centers, embassies, support facilities, office complexes, hotels, motels, mosques, palaces, banks and public buildings.

Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Government Projects

  • Industrial Construction, Operation and Maintenance field with multi-task supervision. Engaging and implementing plant management program and compliance to ISO standards. Proficient in gathering, evaluating and trouble-shooting and functional requirements to meet high standard operating procedures to achieve plant utilities performances; monitoring utility and industrial plant to ensure the full safety plan and smooth process; conducting in-house and hands-on training session and other related special training agenda. Planning preventive maintenance measures to all equipment. Proven ability to lead seamless implementations

  • site development and infrastructure with CCE providing soil stabilization and electro-mechanical services (including power generation plant, transformers, power distribution network and various low current systems as DATA and Voice networks, CCTV, CATV, Fire Alarm Systems, Plumbing and HVAC, etc..)

  • civil construction and infrastructure works including administration buildings, maintenance and fabrication shops, fire stations, substations, overhead power lines, oil separation pumps, waste disposal sites, security fencing and evaporation ponds

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